The New Normal – Ballindalloch Castle.

, The New Normal – Ballindalloch Castle.

So, with lockdown in Scotland easing that means we can expect you all excitedly getting in your cars, campervans, 4x4s and your bikes to embrace the NE250! We will be giving you an insight into what to expect when you are visiting landmarks and restaurants on the NE250.

We took time out last Sunday to visit the famous Ballindalloch Castle to see how it differs from before the pandemic and lockdown hit. This is essentially the new normal for every business not just in Scotland but across the UK.

, The New Normal – Ballindalloch Castle.

When we arrived at Ballindalloch we are greeted as normal by a wonderful staff member who explains how the castle currently isn’t open but the gardens and the tea room is. This is a change for all staff and the family of Ballindalloch but the amazing feeling you get when driving down to the castle and all the history it involves you can still experience this, the gardens and the tea room is a fantastic family day out!

We enjoyed the gardens and socially distanced with the other visitors, something you have to remember wherever you visit. The beauty is still there and breath-taking colours all over the garden, it truly is the most amazing garden on NE250 and the family of Ballindalloch do take pride in it and you can see this throughout. On ou

, The New Normal – Ballindalloch Castle.

r visit we did take a picnic so we could enjoy it on the walk around Ballindalloch, however typical Scotland and the heavens opened but luckily we could enjoy the Tea Room.

The Tea Room is full of all the homemade goodness from soup to delicious cakes all made on site. When you arrive at the tea room you are greeted at the door with hand sanitiser and a notice stating to write your name and number into a book. Don’t worry your details are only kept for 21 days then destroyed, this is in accordance with Scottish government guidelines. On the floor, you will see reminders of the 2m distancing and tables are all set so it is all spaced out correctly. If you have been to Ballindalloch before you will know the tea room also has a shop, currently this is closed but this is something that may change in the future but for now, will remain closed., The New Normal – Ballindalloch Castle.What is wonderful about Ballindalloch is that true family feel, regardless of that the Castle is currently closed you still get that family feel. The staff are so happy to be back and to be able to provide service again, currently, it’s limited but remember this is for everyone’s safety. We loved our food and sweet treat, we spent over an hour in the tea room, there was no rush and no one pressured us to leave. We didn’t have to wear masks while in the tear room but the staff do wear visors.

, The New Normal – Ballindalloch Castle.

It’s just wonderful to be able to go on an adventure again, being in lockdown does make you miss normality of holidays, staycations and road trips. When you are travelling the NE250 do visit Ballindalloch and embrace the changes. It’s the perfect family day out, you can walk around the beautiful tranquil gardens that surround a truly fascinating family home. The impressive site can be perfectly captured and shared with family and friends.

Don’t forget if you visit to tag us in your photos as we love seeing your adventures on the NE250!

Emily Rose

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