Portsoy in a Pandemic

, Portsoy in a Pandemic

, Portsoy in a Pandemic

If you are travelling on the NE250 through this challenging and uncertain time you will be experiencing the NE250 in a new light, the new normal as everyone is calling it. This shouldn’t put you off at all, if anything we thoroughly appreciate all the staycations this year. We took a trip to Portsoy this weekend to experience what it is like post lockdown – we were not disappointed and enjoyed a couple of hours at Portsoy.

, Portsoy in a Pandemic

You can’t go to Portsoy and not enjoy the world famous ice cream from portsoy ice cream. It’s a personal favourite of mine and taking the whole family on a hot summers day is a must, portsoy ice cream has been open through lockdown and supported the locals and it’s been all documented on their social media platforms.

As soon as you approach Portsoy Ice Cream you will see several signs of what to do to safely get your yummy ice cream! There are 4 simple steps 1. Choose your ice cream (there is a chalk board updated each day outside with flavours. 2. Pay at till 3. Wait and 4. Collect and Enjoy. The instructions are all over the shop and the employees do help and advise. There are two sanitizer stations too for you to sanitize before you enter the building and after you’ve been in the building too. You feel safe and very happy once you’ve got your ice cream treat!
I was so impressed with how easy it was to get our ice cream, there was no concern for ‘if we are doing it right’ it was clear and precise!

, Portsoy in a Pandemic, Portsoy in a Pandemic

, Portsoy in a Pandemic

We decided that heading to the harbour as this is not only beautiful but also easiest to social distance, we went at prime time in the afternoon which could potentially mean that it would be very busy. However, it wasn’t busy at all and everyone socially distanced. It was so wonderful to be at the harbour, you can tell that everyone was happy to be in the water or spending time with family.

, Portsoy in a Pandemic

, Portsoy in a Pandemic

My recommendation for going to portsoy is like any other place you may visit is to be cautious and remember your mask.

Portsoy is beautiful, there is also chip shops, local convenience stores and local businesses. When we went as a family we didn’t need to visit these stores as our main focus was to enjoy the sun and some ice cream.

You can enjoy Portsoy even in this pandemic, it’s checking if its all accessible before you arrive and keeping safe.

We hope you enjoy visiting Portsoy and the weather is glorious!

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