Duff House

Duff House Banff, Duff House
Duff House Banff, Duff House
Duff House Banff, Duff House
Duff House Banff, Duff House
Duff House Banff, Duff House

Duff House in Banff has the most extraordinary history, unlike any other historical monument I’ve ever visited!

Duff House has the most extraordinary history, unlike any other historical monument I’ve ever visited! It’s the tale of the two Williams. The two fell out over money during the build of the early Georgian mansion, and this eventually led to a five-year court case. It resulted in not all of the original plans of Duff House being built but this doesn’t take away how beautiful this house is and full of so many interesting stories! This blog tells you what you can expect from your visit to Duff House.

When you arrive at the grounds of Duff House you will wonder where the House is at first as the parking isn’t outside the house. When you walk over the stones you see a sign that says Duff House and where the entrance is. You are greeted by such a friendly staff member on reception who gives you a huge amount of information so that your visit is smooth and you gain all the knowledge you could want about the place!

You are guided to a room where you will watch an 11-minute video which gives you a full insight into the history of Duff House. I was in absolute awe and so excited at what was beyond the doors of history.

Going up the winding staircase which was designed as a gateway to the ‘staterooms’- the main entertainment suite upstairs. Upon approaching the first floor you approach a large room and the most breath-taking view that has a staircase outside and which was the original main entrance for the higher archy. On the first floor, you will discover so much history in the private drawing room, dining room and Prince of Wales bedroom. As most of the original owners’ possessions were sold when the Duff Family married into the royal family and so no longer needed the house, they gifted it to the nearby towns of Banff and Macduff in 1907.

One of the original belongings of the family is in the dining room. The candelabras shining brightly have the original family crest on them. I noticed them as soon as I walked into the dining room.

When you walk up the great staircase to the second floor you will notice that Duff house currently has an exhibit on named ‘Darg and Drams’ which started on 18th October and will now be on until 21st June 2020. The exhibition showcases a story of life at Scotland’s most iconic industries and landmarks. It is truly mesmerising at the talent of Kate Steenhaur is being showcased!

Duff House also chooses a masterpiece each year to focus on, and the Masterpiece of 2019 is John Lavery – The Pergola which is truly breathtaking.
On the second floor, you will see more original pieces from the Duff family vaults: a most beautiful mirror and a stunning chandelier. It is a wonder that they didn’t take them. They still stand in the same places in the North Drawing Room and are simply beautiful, truly gorgeous.

My favourite part of the whole of Duff house is the Grand Drawing Room and the Library, which is home to more than 4,000 books. The Drawing room can be used for Weddings and with

its grand piano, it would be really the royal treatment for your wedding day if you were to book it.

From my Duff House day out I’ve learnt so much about its history and what it has to offer – from the artwork to the original Duff family treasures. On top, you can learn all about how Duff House was a hotel and a POW camp in the war. There is so much you can find out about this spectacular family day out and once you’ve soaked up all the history you can enjoy an afternoon treat in the tea room.


You can find out more about Duff House Here

Emily Rose

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