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At North Coast Convertibles, our cars are chosen with one thing in mind: fun! 41 Moss Street, Elgin, IV30 1LT
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At North Coast Convertibles, our cars are chosen with one thing in mind: fun! They all have great engines and superb handling characteristics. Through our booking partner, turo.com, they are fully insured and are covered with breakdown protection, just in case. There is no better way to enjoy the scenic roads of Scotland.

At North Coast Convertibles we simply love motoring with the top down. Why?

1. The view! You get to see, feel and smell the environment as you travel through it. With no roof in the way you feel so much closer to the outside world whether it’s the mountains, clouds, night sky to look at, the smell of the sea or wonderful fragrance of gorse in full bloom and of course there’s the wind in your hair. Trust us when we say that you’ll be itching to get the top down again as soon as the last drop hits the ground.

2. They are comfortable. Our cars are equipped with all the mod cons that you might not expect to find on convertible cars if your only experience is of a 1970s MG. Make no mistake, our love of convertible motoring stems from driving these classics back in the day but effective hot air blowers, heated seats, warm roofs and wind deflectors certainly enhance the experience today.

3. The noise. The pop, crackle, purr and growl of our cars’ high performance engines add a musical footnote to the experience of driving these magnificent roads.

4. Happiness. When was the last time you saw someone looking sad while driving a convertible? We’ll go out on a limb and guess never. Even if the driver isn’t blatantly grinning from ear to ear, you just know that behind those sunglasses are a pair of eyes that are smiling. Driving a convertible offers a kind of fun that can be engaging even at slow speeds. When you have a convertible, you’ll look for opportunities to drive and the remote roads of Scotland will give you more opportunities than you can imagine.

5. Freedom. What else can make you feel freer than cruising at night or along our scenic back-roads with the top down, and the wind blowing through your hair? Whether you’re taking a nice spirited (obeying the speed limit, of course) drive to the beach or a slow bimble through dramatic scenery, you’ll get an incomparable feeling of freedom when driving a convertible. Even on the worst of days, it has a strange ability to make you feel powerful and free.

In short, almost any day becomes better by having a nice drive in your drop-top.

North Coast Convertibles: For The Drive Of Your Life!

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41 Moss Street, Elgin, IV30 1LT

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